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Runfibre Honoured with Armed Forces Covenant Silver Award

Sun 24th Sep 2023
South Gloucestershire, UK – Runfibre, a pioneering altnet FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) provider, is thrilled to announce that they have been awarded the prestigious Armed Forces Covenant Silver Award. This accolade recognises the company's outstanding commitment to supporting veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families. Runfibre's CEO, Dave Swanston, a military veteran himself with two tours of duty in Afghanistan, spearheaded the company's dedication to honouring the armed forces and their invaluable contributions.

Runfibre's journey towards receiving this esteemed award began in 2022 when the company made a solemn pledge to support the armed forces community by signing the Armed Forces Covenant. This covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated with fairness and respect, and that they enjoy the same access to services and opportunities as anyone else.

Fast forward to 2023, and Runfibre's unwavering dedication to this pledge has resulted in being honoured with the Silver Award, a testament to their commitment and efforts in supporting those who serve their country.

Dave Swanston, CEO of Runfibre, expressed his gratitude and pride in achieving this milestone: "It's a tremendous honour for us to receive the Armed Forces Covenant Silver Award. At Runfibre, we hold a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by the armed forces and their families. We believe that access to high-quality internet should be universal and that no one's digital life should be defined by their postcode. We are committed to ensuring that veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families receive the support they deserve, and this award validates our ongoing commitment."

Runfibre is not just a provider of cutting-edge internet technology; they are also a provider of opportunities and support for their community. Specialising in connecting the most remote and underserved properties in rural South Gloucestershire and North Wiltshire, Runfibre's mission extends beyond profit margins. They firmly believe in equal access to the internet, advocating that geography should not be a barrier to digital inclusion.

In addition to their work with the armed forces, Runfibre is a company that stands for inclusivity and community engagement. They welcome all communities that approach them, with a firm commitment to nondiscrimination and equal access for everyone.

The Armed Forces Covenant Silver Award is a recognition of Runfibre's steadfast commitment to their community, their employees, and the armed forces. It showcases their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those who have served and continue to serve their nation.

As Runfibre celebrates this remarkable achievement, they look forward to continuing their mission of connecting communities, fostering inclusivity, and supporting the armed forces.

About Runfibre

Runfibre is an innovative altnet FTTP provider specialising in connecting hard-to-reach properties in rural South Gloucestershire and North Wiltshire. They are dedicated to ensuring equal access to high-quality internet for all communities and are proud supporters of the armed forces and their families.

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