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Q: Can anything be done about my current contract if I want to switch before it ends?
A: We can get you all setup ready to connect in most cases for free. You can either delay your subscription start date until your current contract expires or we can offer you our service for half price for the remaining duration of your old contract. Or you can stay with your current service and switch on the day it runs out. Which ever makes sense for you.
Q: Will I lose my connection if something happens to Runfibre?
A: We provide essential public services and are regulated by Ofcom. This means there are strict regulations in place to ensure that the underlying infrastructure that connects your home is always maintained.
Q: Does Runfibre own the infrastructure?
A: Runfibre owns the fibre optic cables we are installing all the way to your property, but we are mostly using Openreach duct and poles where we can. This minimises the disruption caused, whilst upgrading the existing infrastructure as we go.
Q: When does Runfibre receive the voucher funding?
A: Once we have installed and made the connection live at your property we claim your voucher. This initiates an email from DCMS to the voucher recipient to ensure a number of factors have been carried out before, during and after the installation. Once the recipient confirms and approves the email, Runfibre will be paid around 10 days after approval.
Q: How are your speeds so much faster than my current supplier?
A: We run fibre optic cables right up to your property with absolutely no copper! We also have very low contention rates which means we can guarantee your speeds.
Q: The WiFi is always dropping out when I go upstairs, does fibre optics help with WiFi?
A: Having a full fibre optic line to your property certainly helps with speeds whilst connected to WiFi. However we understand that some routers often don't perform how we would like them to. That’s why we have chosen to use the newest Smart WiFi innovation called Mesh WiFi which comes with 2 boxes that work simultaneously to give a wider coverage around your property. Bigger house? Just add more boxes, simple!
Q: We have many problems and faults with our internet, will yours be the same?
A: No. Fibre optic cables are different to copper, they are made from glass and therefore do not react to weather as copper does. In order for your telephone line to work, it uses DC power, this corrodes when met with water causing slow internet and crackly telephone lines. This cannot happen with fibre optics and one of the main benefits is the consistency of service.
Q: Do we need to keep our telephone line with our current provider?
A: We are happy to say no! You can say goodbye to line rental and a crackly telephone line. With fibre optics you can use a HD VOIP telephone that plugs into your WiFi router. You can even keep your current number if you wish!
Q: How can I get my community connected to Ultrafast broadband?
A: We tend to prioritise areas that show the most interest. The more homes and businesses that register their interest with us, the higher priority that area will have.

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