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Hawkesbury community scheme update #1

Thu 13th May 2021

What is the RunFibre community give back scheme?

We believe that investing in the communities that we operate within is a great way to build long lasting relationships. With that in mind we are looking for areas where we can use our expertise to make a difference. Everybody's suggestions are welcomed, and if our budget allows it, then we are happy to help.

There have already been some great suggestions that are outlined in this article. A great suggestion from the community has been identifying the Horticultural Show as something we can help with.

As with all community schemes until we gain sufficient participants in the area to make this project viable we cannot make any concrete commitments. With that said, uptake has been very promising to date. We remain hopeful that once the word spreads and everyone understands the benefits of full fibre we will soon have the required numbers onboard to proceed with the project rollout, therefore allowing us to make firmer commitments.

Parish Hall

We understand that the parish hall is a central point of the community. Through supplying the hall with a high speed connection we hope to reduce overhead costs and improve the reliability of communication methods such as video calls.

This also couples well with our plans for the horticultural show. With high speed fibre in the hall it'll make things easier to supply the field with wireless connectivity for the show.


Hawkesbury Horticultural Show

Julian Round has explained how the 134 year running show that takes place in August has significant challenges ahead because of the pandemic. Contactless payments will be an integral part of a strategy for making the show viable and safe as our country opens back up. We aim to support this initiative by supplying a temporary wireless mast and support with point-of-sale systems. A great complement for our skillset.


Hawkesbury Primary School

A nomination from Adam Sage, ensuring schools are well equipped when technology becomes outdated so rapidly is no easy task. We recognise that supporting local education facilities is an area where we can make a real difference. We will be looking into the details of how we can best achieve this over the coming weeks.

Hawkesbury Store

The local shop has been nominated as a candidate for support from our community give back scheme. The shop's importance to the community and the collective effort of volunteers that help to run it is something well deserving of support from RunFibre. We would aim to supply the shop with a fully covered internet service once we are operational in the area.

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