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Project Extension to the Villages of Little Badminton and Sopworth Announced

Thu 25th Aug 2022

Good news spreads fast, and that's exactly what's happening in Hawkesbury and its surrounding areas. Gigabit internet supplied by Runfibre is the talk of the village, with locals making record numbers of referrals. A further extension of the project has been announced to Little Badminton & Sopworth, who are now excited to be included in the extension.

Over 100 Runfibre connections are now live in Hawkesbury Upton and Ingleston Common with 90% of the construction completed. Consequently, attention will now be focused on expanding the network to local villages without an existing FTTP connection.

"We're extremely proud of the progress we've made in the region, especially on Ingleston Common where locals have had an extremely long wait, first from another provider and then from us, as we navigated the various hurdles. Despite this, we are even more thrilled that customers continue to spread the word about our service. By avoiding hard sales tactics like cold calling and knocking on doors, we've been able to focus on more organic approaches like helping at local events and kickback schemes. This is really starting to shine through as the demand from villages close by increases daily, mainly through word of mouth. Our team has also been hard at work developing new partnerships to offer our customers even more technology, and we're eager to share the news soon. (If you have made an account on our website, be sure to check your email in the coming days!) " says Runfibre

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