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Runfibre takes partnership with BT Wholesale to the next stage

Thu 18th Nov 2021

Runfibre today announced they have joined BT Wholesales’ Partner Plus Programme showing clear signs of rapid growth and unquestionable ambitions to cement their place in the ever-growing market of alternative communications providers. Runfibre set out to bridge the UK’s digital divide in July 2020 and have made big strides by becoming a registered supplier for DCMS gigabit voucher scheme and start their full fibre roll out in rural areas of South Gloucestershire, whilst retaining a customer centric community service. Partnering with BT Wholesale now enables Runfibre to not only offer a new VOIP telephone service but also help it’s communities become ready for PSTN switch off along with a range of further products.

“It became clear from day 1 of our full fibre roll out that our customers were very attached to their phone service, but once we spoke of a potential VOIP service and the forthcoming PSTN switch off, it became a must have. At Runfibre we are completely customer focused and we’re always looking for ways to improve this. BT Wholesale’s partner programme, Partner Plus, will make it simpler for us to do business with BT Wholesale, and give us the support we need to upskill our teams to serve our customers better. The investment in online tools and training will mean that our teams will gain new skills and we hope beacons of best practice in the communications market. We want to continue to support our customers and deliver the best services to them and joining Partner Plus will help us to do so.” Said David Swanston, CEO Runfibre Ltd

Alex Tempest, Managing Director of BT Wholesale says: “Our Partner Plus programme is an exciting step change in how we do business with our BT Wholesale partner community. As Europe’s largest Wholesale provider, it’s really important for us to lean into customer feedback on more simple ways of working with our business, and our Partner Plus programme does just that; providing easy access to resources, more personalised support and a brilliant digital customer experience. We’re really delighted to welcome Runfibre to Partner Plus, empowering them to benefit from our network to innovate, grow and to better serve their customers.”

About VOIP With the ISDN switch off pencilled in for 2025, your business will have to switch to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony solution in the near future anyway. But the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll start enjoying all the many benefits that internet-based telephony brings.

▪ The switch-off will impact a large number of businesses in the UK but a higher proportion of SMBs who are still using analogue lines. 42% of those businesses, over 2M in total, will need to make the digital switchover ▪ The uptake of remote and flexible working within businesses accelerated beyond any forecast levels ▪ Our whitepaper with Cavell found that 20% of companies surveyed had over half of their workforces working remotely in 2019, this grew to 41% in 2020 ▪ Cavell found that large enterprises report the strongest growth in video, with 86% using in 2020 rising to 96% in 2021

About Ethernet With FTTP Ethernet, customers can enjoy ultrafast speeds and uncontended bandwidth. FTTP Ethernet means fibre all the way to customers’ premises enabling them to take advantage of scalable, flexible solutions that grow with them. With a range of available speeds up to 1Gb, FTTP Ethernet is the perfect solution for multi-site businesses who want to exploit the very latest digital tools and services, and demand the most reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity.

▪ According to Megabuyte, although FTTP is now gaining traction, with 12% of UK premises passed at January 2020, most consumers and businesses (75% at November 2019 according to Ofcom) are still on superfast connections (30Mbps+) via Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) or cable, with just 2% on ultrafast/FTTP (300Mpbs+) ▪ The availability and take-up of faster broadband means that average download and upload speeds increased in 2019 by 18% to 64Mbps and 90% to 14Mbps, and have no doubt continued to increase since ▪ BT is aiming to pass 2m premises this year, with just under 3m premises passed at June 2020, a near-term target of 4.5m premises by March 2021, and a mid-late 2020s target of 20m (versus its 28.5m current premises) at a cost of £6-8bn, increased in May from 15m subject to the right regulatory incentives being in place

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