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What is Fibre Optic and What are its benefits

Wed 6th Jul 2022

What exactly is Fibre Optic?

Fibre optic is a piece of wire with a plastic cladding around the outside then within that it has another piece of cladding on the inside. The core is usually made up from glass or even plastic to allow light to travel through at very high speeds with little disruptions. This results in high capacity data transfer for fast internet speeds and good reliability.

What are the different types of Fibre Optic cables?

There are a few different types of fibre optic terms used by service providers. There is FTTH, standing for “fibre to the home” or FTTP "fibre to the property", this would be considered the fastest and most reliable due to the fact this allows the connection to arrive straight to your door allowing for fewer disruptions.

Next there is FTTC, standing for “fibre to the curb/cabinet”, which is a little slower but much faster than purely copper. This uses fibre to a nearby location and then copper coaxial cable to complete the connection. Copper wire acts as a bottleneck because it's capacity is much lower than fibre making this a sub-optimal setup.


Lastly there is FTTN standing for “fibre to the node” , this will allow connection to what is called a “node” that may be provided by your current internet provider and helps provide better connection between the broadband and other services. Usually this would be set up within a mile of your household.

What are the Benefits of Fibre Optic?

  1. Better speeds for the house. The speeds of fibre optic can reach 1 GBPS and beyond. This is over 20x faster than most cables currently using copper or silver allowing for faster downloads and uploads for your household. This can reduce times in transferring data or trying to access a website, database or cloud services. Useful for anyone working from home or small businesses.
  2. Provides high capacity for a range of services. The multiple wavelengths that are available on a single fibre allow for simultaneous video calls, video streaming, online gaming and other internet services without any disruption.
  3. Reliability can help provide you with constant and always running internet speeds. If you have experienced bad broadband this may have affected your productivity within your home. Not being able to contact work or even call a relative in another country with time restrictions isn't acceptable. Where as fibre can provide you with reassurance that you won't be interrupted or affected by any electricity or static.
  4. Fibre is affordable. The main reason for this is because one cable can be used to connect many people. Resulting in less material and installation costs, allowing it to be more affordable than a regular exclusive connection.

Why Choose RunFibre?

There are many reasons as to why you should choose us as your internet provider. One is that we only use fibre within our networks minimising disruption from forces like the weather or an electrical current that may otherwise affect a copper wire connection. Secondly because of this we can guarantee higher connection speeds and less latency than your current providers and we provide low contention rates.

We are registered with and regulated by Ofcom and adhere to all the highest standards of fault resolution and customer service. This means that your internet will always be maintained and secure. We also provide cheap and affordable options for different broadband packages you can choose from and customers can also use vouchers that are provided to certain areas to cover installation costs. For more information on vouchers click here.

We lay brand new fibre cables all the way to your house. We also use Openreach ducts and poles where we can as this will minimise disruption that may be caused when upgrading the current infrastructure.

To conclude our customer support team is local and friendly. Feel free to give us a ring for a chat or send us an email. We are available and here to help.

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